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July 2022

With the changes to The Building Regulations 

Part L, coming into effect this month, Cambridge van Leyden are proactively engaged in the decarbonisation of energy in buildings.

With existing and upcoming residential and commercial projects, we have updated our design criteria to help our clients understand and adhere with the updates to The Building Regulations. 

The changes to Part L include new low carbon heating systems such as heat pumps, decreased maximum flow temperatures, increased energy performance criteria and more efficient building fabric criteria with a 'Fabric First' approach. 

The governments target of Carbon Net Zero Homes in 2025 is an ever evolving challenge with the current climate. 

For comprehensive advice or a simple conversation, see our contact page. 

We are happy to help.



Oct 2020

The loading bay of this large commercial and residential building was experiencing overheating, particularly in the summer months, owing to the presence of heat pumps and condensing units, rejecting heat into the space.  Ideally these pieces of equipment would be mounted externally, although in the case of this building, it is not possible.

The solution was to introduce a speed controlled, heat extraction ventilation system, to best match the heat load profile from the plant and maintain a comfortable environment for the staff working in the loading bay.

Maximum use was made of existing builderswork plenums and decorative louvres, re-purposed for air exhaust from the loading bay.



Sept 2020

The original building design used a borehole ground water system as its primary heat rejection system to support centralised water chillers.  The borehole system was also used in winter months as a heat source for heat pumps.

Cambridge Van Leyden were appointed to conduct a comprehensive review of the borehole system, in order to identify improvements to the overall heat rejection system and its future resilience.



July 2020

Cambridge van Leyden were appointed to design a replacement drainage solution for one of the largest hangers on the Marshalls Aerospace airport in Cambridge. 

The solution involved a large bespoke design with carefully calculated flow rates to overcome the large surface area and to overlap seamlessly with the existing outfalls and underground drainage. 

Working collaboratively with the on-site team the end result both satisfied the clients requirements and has already proved good resilience in storm conditions.


Formed in 1994, Cambridge van Leyden are mechanical and electrical (M&E) building services consultants, with experience in areas such as:

  • Containment level 2 and 3/R&D and QC laboratories

  • Air Conditioning & Ventilation systems

  • Mechanical & Electrical design in Superstructures

  • Pharmaceutical research, secondary manufacturing and pilot plants

  • Pharmaceutical decommissioning & waste management

  • Residential building services & energy efficiencies

  • Building Management Systems (BMS)

  • Heat pumps

  • University facilities

  • Schools

  • Healthcare

  • Commercial developments

  • Office developments

  • Leisure industry

  • Project Management 

With offices close to London and in Yorkshire we have the ability to work widely across the UK.

We have long established working relationships with GlaxoSmithKline, Illumina, Bard Pharmaceuticals, Bespak and The University of Surrey.

Most recently we have built a collaborative and hard working connection with one of Londons premier real estate management companies, working closely across their building portfolio, which includes one of Londons most iconic superstructures.

Our aim is always to work in close partnership with our clients and professional teams. This helps develop the client brief and cost plan, from often just a list of ideas and objectives, to a clear set of user requirements. Ultimately, we are then able to deliver a well co-ordinated engineering solution to meet the brief and jointly developed cost plan.


Working with our partners, we can provide a comprehensive service for M & E, architectural and structural engineering, all under one umbrella.

We have developed and continually update an electronic library of technical documentation, including drawing details, equipment specifying schedules and text.


The library allows expedient production of consistent, high quality documents within the minimum possible time frame and cost.


We pride ourselves on our relationships with existing and new clients, and offer friendly advice to any enquiry, so please feel free to get in touch with us via any of the following avenues:


Andrew: 07802183362

Adam:    07715652912


Via our online form on our contact page:


Or reach out to us via our social media and linkdin, where you will find ongoing company updates. Links at the top and bottom of any page. 


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